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11 Maruti temples by Saint Shri Swami Samarth Ramdas

11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan

While you get complete information on 11 maruti temples do not forget to visit Shivtharghal

Map created for 11 Maruti(अकरा मारुती) temple locations with precise locations of temples, so that you can pick the locations and use in your GPS navigator system (use below map) or for ease i have also jotted down GSP co-ordinates for you just copy it alongwith this map :-)

Chaphal 17°23'44.1247''N 74°1'20.9305''E
Chaphal Veer maruti 17°23'45.3246''N 74°1'9.8965''E
Chaphal Bal/Khadicha maruti  17°23'16.1884''N 74°0'45.8528''E
Majgaon maruti 17°23'44.1247''N 74°1'20.9305''E
Manapadale Maruti 16°49'23.8742''N 74°13'48.0036''E
Pargaon maruti 16°52'43.09''N 74°13'53.4032''E
Battis Shirala maruti 16°59'10.6526''N 74°7'46.7461''E
Umbraj maruti 17°24'9.6394''N 74°6'11.0653''E
Masur maruti 17°24'8.4424''N 74°9'48.0712''E
Shahapur maruti 17°22'24.9712''N 74°10'6.7372''E
Baahe borgaon maruti 17°7'4.9912''N 74°16'14.6572''E

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The sequence for 11 maruti darshan can be as shown below in map snap
Chaphal (Daas,Pratap,Bal maruti)-Majgaon-Umbraj-Masur-Shahapur-Baahe Borgav-Battis Shirala-Pargaon-Manapadal. this will enable you to avoid too and fro travel and complete all temples in one sweep.

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There are n number of websites dedicated to Saint Shri Swami Samarth Ramdas (स्वामी समर्थ रामदास ) the Spiritual Guru of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj .... however I was surprised to find NO INFORMATION WAS AVAILABLE on the 11 Maruti temples established by Shri Swami Samarth Ramdas in the vicinity of Chaphal-Satara area in Maharashtra !!! These 11 Maruti's are also called as "Vaariche Maruti" which is similar to the famous Ashtavinayaka or eight Ganeshas, in Maharashtra
So I decided to put it on web ... so that if someone is interested to visit these historic places, he will be able to do it.

in year 1674 coronation of Chatrapati Shivaji took place, wherein Samrath Ramdas wrote a poetry "Anandbhuwani" which refers to the 11 Maruti temples ...

Akara Akara Bahu Akara | kay akara kalechina |
gupta te gupta janaawe| anandbhuwani||

Swami Samarth Ramdas pupil Venabaai says about the 11 Maruti temples as ...

11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan

List of 11 Maruti (Hanuman) temples established by Swami Samarth Ramdas in Maharashtra

Year 1566 - Shahapur, Chunyacha Maruti
Year 1567 - Masur, Maharudra hanuman
Year 1570 - Chaphal, Daas Maruti + Pratap Maruti
Year 1571 - Shinganwadi, Khadicha Maruti or Baal Maruti
Year 1571 - Umbraj, Umbraj Maruti or Mathatil Maruti
Year 1571 - Maajgav, Maajgavcha Maruti
Year 1573 - Baahe-Borgav, Baahe-Borgav cha Maruti
Year 1573 - Manapadale, Manapadale cha Maruti
Year 1574 - Pargav, Pargav cha Maruti
Year 1576 - Battis, Shirala, Veer Maruti stance

I will describe in brief about each Maruti as I get time (DONE-see post for details) ... till then here is just a brief path to travel to cover all these Maruti or Hanuman temples

Satara to Chaphal (cover three temples Daas Maruti + Pratap Maruti + Khadicha Maruti or Baal Maruti)

Chaphal to Umbraj (~11 kms) , on the way small diversion to Majgav (Maajgavcha Maruti)

at Umbraj visit (Umbraj Maruti or Mathatil Maruti)

Umbraj to Masur (~9 kms), visit Maharudra hanuman

Masur to Shahapur (~3 kms), visit Chunyacha Maruti

Shahapur to Karad to Baahe, visit Baahe-Borgav cha Maruti

Baahe to B'lore highway to Battis-Shirala, visit Veer Maruti

again to B'lore highway then Pargav, visit Pargav cha Maruti

Pargav to Manpadale, visit Manapadale cha Maruti

Manapadale to Kolhapur (End)

Year Location a.k.a. Name of Maruti Idol height, Feets Idol facing towards Idol made of

1566 Shahapur Chunyacha Maruti 6 East Lime
1567 Masur Maharudra hanuman 5 East Lime
1570 Chaphal Daas Maruti 6

1570 Chaphal Pratap or Veer Maruti 6~7

1571 Shinganwadi Khadicha Maruti or Baal Maruti 3.5 North
1571 Umbraj Umbraj Maruti or Mathatil Maruti 6 East Lime+ Sand+ Jute
1571 Maajgav Maajgavcha Maruti 5 West
1573 Baahe- Borgav Baahe-Borgav cha Maruti

1573 Manapadale Manapadale cha Maruti 5.25 North
1574 Pargav Pargav cha Maruti 1.5
Engraved in stone
1576 Shirala Veer Maruti 7 North Lime

1) Shahapur - Chunyacha Maruti > Worship is done by Kulkarni family of Shahapur, Hanuman Jayanti festival is celebrated on Chaitra Shudhha 15 every year. There is `^" height brass idol which they take to Chaphal Ram Navami Utsav.

2) Masur - Maharudra Hanuman > Worrship is done by Kulkarni family of Bramhapuri, Hanuman Jayanti festival is celebrated on Chaitra Shudhha 15 every year. This is the best and most beautiful in all 11 temples. To the left & right of main idol Shivaji Maharaj & Shri Swami Samartha are painted on the wall. Here you can stay at Monastery of Ramdasi Maharaj (information ~20 years old to be confirmed)

3) Das Maruti > Hanuman is in Namaskar position it is standing in front of Ram in Chaphal temple

4) Pratap Maruti > situated behind Shri Ram temple of Chaphal also called as Bhim Maruti, Pratap Maruti or Veer MAruti. Festival is celebrated at Sharavan Vadya 30. You can stay at Monestery in Chaphal near Ram mandir (this facility I have seen in 2009, so you can stay there)

5) Shinganvadi > very near to Chaphal. Ramghal is located where Swami Samrtha used to do meditation. Also spring water called as Kubadi Tirtha is found here. It is said that Swamiji created this to give water to thirsty Shivaji Maharaj. This is the smallest temple of all 11 temples.

6) Umbraj > Idol is made of lime + Sand + Jute. This is called as Umbraj Maruti or Mathatil Maruti. Thing to note is that there in no spire to this temple !

7) Majgav > Idol is facing towards West i.e. it is looking towards Ram Mandir of Chaphal.

8) Bahe-Borgav > Located on the bank of Krishna river near Borgav. Temple is located on island called as "Ramlinga". On which there is ancient Rama temple and in front of this there is Shiv Linga. Behind the Rama temple Maruti is located who is in a stance of diverting Krushna river water flow using his both hands :-)

9) Manpadale > located near Kolhapur, there is ~26' x 15' hall in front of the temple

10) Pargav - Smallest idol of all 11 Maruti which is engraved ni a stone (~1.5' height)

11) Battis-Shirala > Battis-Shirala is also famous as Battis-Shirala for snake catching. Worship is done by Deshpande family.

Veer Maruti photograph by me

Veer maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
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For writing this post reference is taken from a book "Samrtha Sthapit Akara Maruti" by Writer Pu. Vi. Harshe, published in 1983
During the time I have visited only three of these Maruti temples, blog readers if have any new information please inform me for updation here in the blog post.

New photographs shared with me by one of the devotees are posted here for all 11 Maruti's (update March 2012) I wish to mention name after his approval on the blog :-)

 Manpadale Maruti
Manpadale maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
Das Maruti -Chaphal
Das maruti chaphal - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Pratap Maruti - Chaphal
Pratap maruti chaphal - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Pargaon Maruti
Pargaon maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Battis Shirale Maruti
Battis shirale maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Bahe Borgaon Maruti
bahe borgaon maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Shahapur Maruti
shahapur maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Masur Maruti
masur maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
Umbraj Maruti
umbraj maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
Majgaon Maruti
majgaon maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan
 Shinganwadi Maruti
shinganwadi maruti - 11 Maruti temples akara hanuman darshan

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