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Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi) - Kolhapur (Sangli)

Temple of Lord Dattatraya, Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi) - Kolhapur (Sangli) - India
नरसोबाची वाडी, सांगली, कोल्हापूर Narsinhwadi Narsobachi Wadi Narsobawadi india
Coordinates for Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi) - Kolhapur (Sangli) India

Location : (GPS co-ordinates 16°41'37"N   74°36'2")
Narsinhwadi a.k.a. "Narsobachi Wadi" is situated @25 Kilometers from Sangli in kolhapur District, @55 kilometers towards East from Kolhapur & @20 kilometers from Miraj.

How to reach by Bus or Train :
You can reach "Narsobachi Wadi" Jayasingpur railway station which is situated on the Miraj-Kolhapur railway or ply on direct state transport (ST) buses from Miraj, Sangli or Kolhapur.

This is the most famous location of Lord Dattasthan situated on the bank of river Krishna & Panchaganga.

Shri Narsinh Saraswati who is avtar (incarnation) of Lord Dattatraya lived here for twelve years.

Here Lord Dattatreya is in the form of his 'Paduka' situated below a Umber tree, which symbolises presence of lord Dataatrya there.

How to drive by road
From Sangli city you can drive down to this place within ~40 minutes, road is narrow but good. There is way to Kolhapur also which shows distance of ~45 Kilometers.

Things to buy :
"Narsobachi Wadi" is also famous for Brinjal, Cucumber, Corn that are really very very tasty due to the fact that they are grown on the bank of river Krishna. Also do not forget to buy Pedhe / Pedha, Kavath(Limonia) Barfi and Basundi which are considered to be best of Maharashtra for its taste and quality.

Entrance to the "Narsoba" temple

Narsobawadi entrance india

Close up look of the temple
Narsinhwadi Wadi inside temple indiaAuspicious River Krishna
Narsobachi Wadi river krishna india

Map to Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi) - Kolhapur (Sangli) नरसोबाची वाडी, सांगली, कोल्हापूर

Kolhapur to Narsinhwadi road map

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Narsinhwadi Narsobachi Wadi Narsobawadi