Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New Pune-Lonavala local train timetable 100 kph speed change

Latest Pune Lonavala  and Lonawala Pune local train time table
This time I have composed it in printable format for convenience of my blog readers :-)

Pune Lonavla Local Train Timetable Printable in PDF Format

Pune Lonavla Local Train Timetable Printable in PDF Format

Click Here to View and Download Timetable PDF 

Pune Lonavla Local Train Timetable View online for free

Latest Pune Lonavala local train time table
Pune Lonavala Local train timetable

Time taken to travel from Pune to Lonavala -->
Old time at  80 kmph = 1 hour 27 min
New time at 100 kmph = 1 hour 12 min
Corrected time at xx kmph = 1 hour 20 min (this time table will be declared shortly !)

The good news is that Pune-Lonavala local train speed is increased from 80kmph to 100 kmph, so we will save 12 minutes of travel time ...
but ... the bad news is that time modified table is not easily available to all ...
and since I am planning to go for Kataldhara trek next week I got one for me :-) and obvious that I will share with you all ... so here is the modified time table due to increased local speeds.